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Meir Michel Levy was born in Paris. When he was 8 years old he immigrated to Israel with his family. His talent was apparent from a very early age (14 year old). When he was a teenager in high school he was asked by his chemistry teacher to draw large format molecular structures an experience which led him to experiment with large drawings and paintings - till today. Now he is living in Tel-Aviv.

Trained and educated as an artist in Nord of Israel at the NB Haifa school of art and design he was the winner of “Sharet Fund” award sponsored by America-Israel cultural foundation. He was an evaluated and distinguished Professor f art and design at “Ascola Meimad” academy. Meir Michel Levy’s vital colors and spiritual messages with his love of city life and nature brings everyone to fell a love and happiness at first sight to his paints.

His spirituality brought a unique modern Judaica style. A variety of techniques are used in his works; several kind of paintings with modern mixed media etching of different kinds of materials Industrial design graffiti on canvas glass and wood all with his personal touch using gloss technique and hand work from his deep heart. Gloss technique gives a bright modern high level finishing to his work. Meir Levy is one of the rare artist to open his own gallery in 2007 in Tel Aviv named Levys art.

Israel - Tel-Aviv, France - Paris, Belgium - Brussels, Canada - Toronto, Italy - Milan, Singapore - Singapore, Switzerland - Geneva.

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